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For more than 40 years, Precision Vision has been synonymous with quality vision testing tools as its' eye charts are used by researchers and eye care professionals around the world. By focusing on just one area – vision testing – Precision Vision continually works to exceed industry standards, freeing clients to focus on their primary goal: delivering quality vision care.

In the 1960s, founder Ed Kopidlansky, Sr., began working with several pioneers in the vision testing and eye care profession to create eye tests and eye charts of uncompromising quality. Precision Vision's eye charts were accepted and used as part of the National Eye Institute's Early Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy Study, which is now the de-facto international standard for visual acuity measurements.

Knowing it's not enough to rest on its' laurels, when Precision Vision was contacted by the NEI and New York Lighthouse, a division of Lighthouse International, to develop the first commercially viable trans-illumination cabinets and charts, we gladly accepted the challenge. Today, our ETDRS Illuminator cabinet™ and charts are used worldwide in research facilities, clinical trials and eye care practitioners' offices.

Realizing that vision testing for children needs to be more simplistic, Ed Kopidlansky Sr. worked with Otto Lippmann, M.D., to develop his idea for a pediatric vision testing system. This collaboration produced the HOTV test, one of the most widely recognized and recommended tools for vision testing in children throughout the U.S. Since then Precision Vision has been chosen by several other pioneers in pediatric vision testing to help develop additional tests to further advance the profession.

In 2004, Precision Vision introduced the Patti Pics™ pediatric vision testing tools. With only five symbols and no letters, Patti Pics™ transcends language barriers. The optotypes blur equally at threshold, while following the Snellen principal of design on a 5x5 matrix and calibrated against the ETDRS Sloan letter charts.

High quality products like the Patti Pics™ pediatric test system, ETDRS Illuminator Cabinet™, a broad range of eye charts, the PVVAT™ computerized visual acuity system, IVA Interactive Vision Assessment, professional low vision aids and more have made Precision Vision the recognized gold standard in the vision testing tools industry. In addition Precision Vision manufactures low contrast, mixed contrast, and contrast sensitivity eye charts. Precision Vision is extremely proud of its' work with leading clinicians and researchers and equally proud of its' commitment to continually produce the highest quality vision testing products and extraordinary customer service. In an industry where accuracy is demanded Precision Vision sets the standard and resets expectations.

Precision Vision produces all of its' vision testing products in-house at a 22,000 square foot facility in La Salle, Ill.

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