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4 Meter (13 ft.) Landolt

4 Meter (13 ft.) Landolt "C" Translucent Eye Chart

Cat. No. 2210
Price: $65.00


Notations for vision testing at 4 meters (13 ft.)

Acuity range 40M to 1.6 M (20/200, 6/60 to 20/8, 6/2.4 equiv.)

Measures 62 X 65 cm (24.5 X 25.5 in.)

Fits large Illuminator Cabinet CAT. NO. 2425

Can be wall-mounted

Landolt "C" charts are considered the "gold standard" of alternative eye charts since 1988. The chart was developed as an alternative to Snellen chart optotypes, which were not equally difficult. Each chart features only one carefully calibrated optotype placed in different positions (up, down, left, right, and 45 degree positions). The "C" used in the chart creates an equality throughout testing, giving the patient optimal opportunity. Patients must gesture or say which direction the "C" is facing, making testing simple and accurate.