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3 Meter (10ft.) Snellen Eye Chart with Red and Green Bars

3 Meter (10ft.) Snellen Eye Chart with Red and Green Bars

Cat. No. 5010
Price: $17.25


Distance eye chart for vision testing at 10 Feet

Visual acuity range 20/100 to 20/16

Eye chart measures 23 X 35.5 cm (9 X 14 in.)

Traditional Snellen Optotypes

This Snellen chart includes Red and Green color bars for an easy and helpful color vision test

Screens for Amblyopia

Snellen optotypes date back to 1862, when Herman Snellen released his first eye test in England. These Snellen optotypes have changed little throughout the years and are used regularly today. These optotypes feature strong serifs and follow idea of the 5x5 grid. This idea is being used by many other optotypes today, including Sloan and Patti Pics optotypes.  Snellen chart is also coupled with red and green stripes for an easy color vision test.