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EyeOnVision June, 2022

June Issue, 2022 – Digital Acuity Testing


More Than Just Another Digital Acuity Software.

Many of the acuity systems available today evolved from software programmers entering the eye care profession as other markets shrank. Numerous emerged from companies that provide different devices to the industry with core competencies based elsewhere. Many of these companies are not aware of the science or the importance of optotype design, selection, sizing, spacing, contrast levels, and many other aspects of testing vision. You could buy another system and wonder about those details, or you could buy PVVAT™ and know that you have a precise vision testing tool from a recognized leader in the eye care industry. PVVAT™ is a tool that is easy to use, expandable, and is loaded with features.

Make an impression on your patients.

Precision Vision Visual Acuity Testing (PVVAT™) is a state-of-the-art computerized acuity software program designed and built by experts with uncompromised attention to detail. PVVAT™ is jam-packed with 9 different optotypes that can be displayed in 7 different arrangements with over 20 additional charts and options. It is sure to fit you and your patient’s needs in one perfectly bundled software. A sample of the options and functions may be seen below:

Test List:
– Acuity Charts
– Low Contrast Charts
– Worth dot
– Contrast sensitivity
– Astigmatism
– Circular astigmatism
– Concentric circles
– Red/Green balance
– Maddox rod
– Phoria test
– Vernier test
– Amsler grid
– Disparity chart
– Fixation points
– Solid white dot
– Changing color dot
– Images
– Videos

Optotype choices:
– Patti Pics® Pediatric Symbols
– Sloan Letters
– Bailey-Lovie
– Snellen
– Tumbling E
– PV Numbers®
– Landolt C
– Allen Pictures

Optotype Presentation:
– Single character mode (crowding bars on/off)
– Single line mode (MassVAT® frame on/off)
– Multi-line ETDRS format
– Multi-line all same size
– Single column mode (speed acuity testing)
– MassVAT
– Custom Crowding Bars

*PVVAT Precision Vision’s Computerized version of ETDRS utilizes crowding bars for letter isolation to achieve E-ETDRS which has been validated by Jaeb Center for Health Research since 2012. PVVAT provides high test-retest reliability and is in agreement with our Gold Standard ETDRS charts.


Eye care professionals worldwide recognize the correlation between reliable visual acuity measurements and reliable vision testing products and this is what Precision Vision delivers with each and every product. We understand the critical nature and have for half a century, with our primary goal and fundamental focus being to create the highest quality vision testing devices in the world. Collaborating with other eye care pioneers, Precision Vision’s eye charts have been made a part of the National Eye Institute’s international standard for visual acuity measurements. Precision Vision Visual Acuity Tester’s E-ETDRS algorithms have been validated by Jaeb Center for Health Research

We are not asking you to take our word for it.
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Q: Can PVVAT be purchased as stand-alone software?

A: Absolutely! There are a variety of ways this may be purchased as well as a variety of ways to customize the software to your individual use. PVVAT is jam-packed with 9 different optotypes that can be displayed in 7 different arrangements and 20 additional charts and options. It is sure to fit you and your patient’s needs in one perfectly bundled software.


Welcome to the Precision Vision family, take a moment to get to know us!

This month we are featuring Erin, who has championed our Clinical Trial department with unparalleled enthusiasm. If you have had the pleasure of speaking to Erin, you know her unique ability to serve her customers. Here is a little more about Erin that you may not know:

Name: Erin

Department: Clinical Trial Customer Service

How long have you been with Precision Vision?: 3.5 years

What is the most rewarding thing about serving the eye care industry?: I am extremely proud of the lives we touch. Whether it is through the development of a new product/drug via Clinical Trial supplies and services, the use of our products to support Eye Care Physicians when treating their patients, or the education of future doctors in the Universities.

Favorite Precision Vision Story?: We sold a Simulator Glasses Kit to a young boy who had some vision impairment. He used the kit to demonstrate what his vision is like and shared it with anyone he could. He gave speeches at school and taught his teachers/classmates all about his eyes and how it affects his day-to-day.

Hobby: I have multiple aquariums where I keep different species of fish, and I love gardening. Succulents are my favorite.

Birth Month: December

Favorite Movie: Jaws

Favorite Food: Al Pastor Tacos with onion and cilantro.

Favorite Precision Vision manufactured product?: Teller Acuity Cards

What is your favorite Precision Vision core value?: “Relationships Matter” – I want my extended PV family members to feel comfortable knowing I am watching out for their best interests. I also want them to feel comfortable enough to come to me when they need something or have questions. This is for both my customers and my coworkers.