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IReST’s Latest Greek Addition


IReST’s Latest Greek Addition

A valuable test for clinical practice and research, which is also a powerful tool for comparisons of multiple languages for international studies of reading performance!

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Assessing Variability in Reading Performance with the New Greek Standardized Reading Speed Texts (IReST)

-Gleni A, Ktistakis E, Tsilimbaris MK, Simos P, Trauzettel-Klosinski S, Plainis S (2019)

This article evaluates the standardized Greek version of the International Reading Speed Texts (IReST) set, which enriches interlanguage comparisons and international clinical studies of reading performance. Moreover, it investigates how specific textual and subject-related characteristics modulate the variability of reading speed across texts and readers.

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22 Different Languages Available!

Currently Precision Vision, Inc. manufactures a variety of reading speed and reading acuity charts including Radner, MNRead, IReST, and Colenbrander Charts. These charts account for our library of twenty-two (22) different languages including: English, Spanish, Hispanic, Brazilian/Portuguese, German, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Italian, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Polish, Japanese, Slovenian, Turkish, Norwegian, and Tagalog.

Browse through our highly standardized multilingual reading tests that are developed for clinical practice and research.

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Q: What is the process for translating & validating the language charts?

A: All language sentence optotypes have been developed according to the concept of the chart. Each individual language is developed with a University together with linguists, psychologists, statisticians and physicists.

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