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March 15, 2022


Say yes to patient safety! Once viewed as a “victimless crime”, counterfeiting is a malicious act fueled by (or motivated ...

Precision Vision Early Detection



Early Detection Vision Screening

Extensive research has proven that maintaining healthy vision and detection of vision conditions – early in the school year and early in life –supports proper physical, intellectual, social and kinesthetic development in all children.


Get Illinois’ future off to the right start!

Designed specically for Illinois K-5 students, the Precision Vision Early Detection Program provides comprehensive, on-site screening services in compliance with the State of Illinois’ Public Health Code requirements – at no cost to the school or district.



Early Detection at Your School


To get Illinois students off to the right start for the 2015-16 school year, Precision Vision’s certified screeners will administer all vision assessments required under the State of Illinois’ Public Health Code, and will work within the parameters of your school calendar to detemine screening days.


For more information about Early Detection vision screening at your school, please contact [email protected]!