Special 4 Meter Sloan Letters Translucent Contrast Chart ( for 914 cabinet )

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Two smaller groups 5M to 2M for repetitive testing (20/40, 6/12 to 20/10, 6/3 equiv.).

Small Illuminator Cabinet (914) is necessary with these low contrast charts.

Helps detect early signs of vision loss from forming cataracts.

Extremely useful in clinical testing.

Contrast Sensitivity tests are extremely calibrated tests. By using Sloan letters based off of a 5×5 grid, along with highly calibrated contrast levels, patients are tested with a highly reliable tool. Contrast Sensitivity tests also depend on the proper retro illumination. Such illumination can be obtained through a small illuminator cabinet and is highly recommended. Many times using ambient lighting will change the contrast level, thereby creating a different test. Proper testing will lead to more reliable results and a more accurate diagnosis.