ETDRS Clinical Trial Kit

ETDRS Cabinet Kits comes with:
  • ETDRS Illuminator Cabinet
  • Adjustable Caster Base
  • Set of 3 ETDRS Charts (Chart 1, Chart 2, & Chart R)

Starting Price: $2,014.00

Product Variations

Universal Trial Frame ( SKU: 7025 )

The Universal Trial Frame is lightweight and fully adjustable. Constructed in plastic and metal with leaf spring-loaded temples, this frame accommodates three pairs of 38mm trial lenses in each cell and two in the rear cell. Our Universal Trial Frame features free rocking saddle bridge and independent mono PD adjustment. Right and Left PD adjust from 48-80mm. Bridge height and projection adjust with rack and pinion. Temples adjust for length and angle.

Basic Full Diameter Plus & Minus Trial Lens Set ( SKU: 7020 )

Trial Lens Set, features Plus and Minus Cylinders, set in tray and a Leatherette Carrying case. Set also includes a 0.25 Jackson Cross Cylinder and a Cleaning Cloth.

Cross Cylinder & Sphere Lens Set ( SKU: 7021-4 )

85 cd/m2 Lamp Filter Tube ( SKU: 2427D85 )

Set of two filter tubes for converting existing light level

Large mesopic Filter for 2425 ETDRS Illuminator Cabinet ( SKU: 2424 )

Designed for use in the ETDRS Illuminator Cabinet Cat.No. 2

Lux Meter ( SKU: Lux )

Lux LCD Illuminance Meter (Inspected & Verified Calibration)

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The first and still the world standard for retro illumination of vision testing charts is now bundled to save you time when ordering for Clinical Trials. Here we have bundled the most commonly purchased items for clinical trials.
ETDRS Cabinet Kits comes with:
  • ETDRS Illuminator Cabinet
  • Adjustable Caster Base
  • Set of 3 ETDRS Charts (Chart 1, Chart 2, & Chart R)
Cabinet Details:
  • National Eye Institute and FDA approved and recommended
  • CE compliant
  • Standardized uniform retro illumination for all 62 X 65 cm (24.5 X 25.5 in.) ETDRS charts
  • Chart storage pocket in back
  • Measures 63 X 65.5 X 17.8 cm (24.75 X 25.75 X 7 in.)
Popular Peripherals:
  • 85 cd/m² Lamp Filter Tube – Optional
  • 3 cd/m² Mesopic Filter – Optional
  • Basic Full Diameter Plus & Minus Trial Lens Set – Optional
  • Universal Trial Frame – Optional
  • Jackson Handheld Cross Cylinder & Sphere Lens Set – Optional
  • Lux Meter – Optional
What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?
  • Each and every individual cabinet is quality tested and calibrated individually prior to receiving our quality assurance of Mission critical attention to detail!
  • Precision Vision Illuminator Cabinets are crafted with performance welding and are sturdy enough to last the lifetime of your trial or research!
  • No extended warranty is necessary, our cabinet’s durability is guaranteed.  They arrive on-site ready to test!
  • Clinically Tested, Clinically Proven, and Universally Trusted!

Is your existing cabinet approved for use in a clinical trial?
Unsure of the age and calibration of your existing cabinet?
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*2425LED Remote Not Included and must be purchased separately