Multi Lens Kits ML Vidi Test box 1

A test-set available for practical testing. With adapters for a standard trial frame. It contains two basic-systems front lenses for different working-distances and an instruction-manual.


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A test-set available for practical testing. With adapters for a standard trial frame. It contains two basic-systems front lenses for different working-distances and an instruction-manual.  ML Vidi The Wide Field telescopeMagnification: 1.6X och 1.8XVisual field: 36º   25º !!Weight: 14 grCorrection limit: -20 10-Due to its very large field of view ML Vidi is one of today’s most powerful telescopic devices on the market. It has also a very wide range of possibilities for customising it for an individual solution.Retinal magnificationWhen it comes to magnification the real magnification obtained on the retina is what matters. The wide visual field is the reason it makes it possible to come closer whilst still seeing the full object. Combining this approach magnification with the telescopic effect will give the real retinal magnification. If a patient needs a 4m distance to see the full TV-screen with his 4X telescope it will be the same retinal magnification as if he instead could use a 2X telescope at 2m. ML Vidi could be used on a 28” inch screen at less than 2m.A steady pictureThe shorter the distance is to the object the more steady the picture will be. The effect of an unwanted head movements is less disturbing. This is probably one more reason why ML Vidi is such a highly appreciated solution.CorrectionsThe correction of the system is placed in the back. A new option is a removable correction ring that makes it very easy to incorporate and change the correction. No screws or tools.Front lensesTo be able to offer the patient the possibility of using ML Vidi for more then one workingdistance front-lenses for other distances are available. First incorporate the correction for the main use of the device then combine it with front-lenses to get a quick change of focus-distance. The cups are available in powers that adjust from far distance down to 10 cm.BinocularFor distances between 50 and 20 cm a prism “in” is needed. This is incorporated in the front lenses.This makes it possible to keep the binocular vision for two different distances. Vidi flipFit on new as well as older versions of the VIDI-system. Easy to fitThe fitting of ML Vidi is easy. The mounting lens together with special mounting part is as easy to edge as a plano lens. The system is pressed into the carrier lens with a precision of hundredths of a millimetre. No screws or other tools are needed.ToleranceBecause the diameter of the ocular lens is so big the exact position of the system is not as critical as it is for most other telescopic systems. An elderly person therefore doesn’t have to adjust the frame carefully in front of his eyes before it functions. It is easy to use.PeripheralThe design of ML Vidi makes it possible to look to the side of it. Therefore the carrier-lens can be ordered with correction. Particularly for myopic patients this is a valuable option.OrderingFor ordering there is a special form available. ML Vidi can be ordered with the patient’s correction and also the specified working distance. All will be incorporated in the system.  Order Form Found Here.MulticoatedAll lenses are treated with multicoating in order to produce a high quality image.FilterAs with all our other products it is of course possible to incorporate Filter in both the correction lens as well as the front lens.