Algerbrush II Rust Ring Remover with Burr

Industry Standard Instrument of Ophthalmologists, ER Physicians and Optometrists Since 1970


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A precision instrument that has been the industry standard for for removal of corneal rust rings and as an adjunct to pterygium procedures since 1970.  Algerbrush II Rust Ring Remover is called a brush because it works more like a brush than a burr.

Under normal usage, the AlgerBrush motor has been designed to stop before injuring the cornea. At slow rotation, the cold chiseled edges of the special high quality burrs are too blunt to harm corneal tissue. The Algerbrush motor is so quiet that its rotation is nearly undetectable, which combined with its small size (shorter than a ball point pen) serves to significantly lower, if not eliminate any patient apprehension. The Algerbrush II Rust Ring Remover features an integrated on/off switch. The Algerbrush includes AA battery and one Burr. The instrument is supplied Ready to use. The Algerbrush is available with diamond Pterygium Burrs.

  • Lightweight, pocket-sized
  • Replacement burrs available
  • Battery powered
  • Used worldwide since 1970 and CE marked since 1998

Versatile, Dependable and Proven

Invented in 1970 by Dr. Leon Alger, a practicing ophthalmologist for 40 years, the AlgerBrush II is used worldwide by ophthalmologists, optometrists, emergency room physicians and veterinarians. Emergency room eye procedures often involve the removal of metal from the cornea of an eye. Once the foreign object is extracted, rust rings and other residue must be removed. The AlgerBrush II is the perfect solution. This high precision tool with optional burrs of varying size allow ophthalmologists to quickly remove corneal rust rings. In addition, the AlgerBrush II is used as a complement to instruments in pterygiectomy procedures.

Algerbrush Instructions

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