Lang Stereo Test

Lang Stereo Vision Tests – Easier to use than traditional Stereo / Binocular Vision tests – No Glasses Required.


Product Variations


The Lang Stereotest is an easy-to-use screening-test designed for early detection of problems with stereoscopic vision in children. Two versions of the test plates are available, which differ only according to the 3D objects to be recognized.

The Lang I-R displays a star, a cat and a car, while the Lang II displays a moon, a truck and an elephant, each of them appearing on a different level. In addition, the Lang II contains a star that can be seen with only one eye.

The Lang Stereotest I-R is a revised version of the Lang Stereotest I, designed by J. Lang, to diagnose and screen for disorders of stereopsis. This revised version has improved optical and print quality compared to the original Lang Stereotest 1. It contains three random dot stereo objects with different disparities: CAT 1200”, STAR 600” and CAR 400”  and has no monocular clues when used correctly.

The test is suitable for children as young as 30 months by identifying pictures on a card at a testing distance of 30-40cm. It is simple, quick to use and fun for the child.

3D objects and disparities:
Cat 1200″
Star 600″
Car 400″ 

The car now has a disparity of 400”(compared to 550” in the original Lang I), making the gradation between the objects more harmonious.

Weight: 54g / 2 oz

Dimensions: 14.5cm x 9.5cm / 5.71 in x 3.74 in.

Download Instructions for the Lang StereoTest®I-R