Random Dot E

Designed specifically for use with small children



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Designed specifically for use with small children.

Includes: Raised E target, non-stereo target, demonstrator and stereo glasses.

This test is produced by: Stereo Optical Company, Inc.

Randot is a registered trademark of Stereo Optical Company, Inc.

Patient is asked to distinguish between raised E and non-stereo target.

Great for the detection of Amblyopia and Strabismus.

Stereo vision is a term used to identify how each eye sees an object at a slightly different angle, yet both eyes work together to give us a three dimensional effect. Stereo vision can be tested using different types of charts, including this Random Dot E test. This test involves the patient wearing stereo glasses (to prevent guessing) and identifying the stereo or “raised” letter E. The patient is also asked to identify the non-stereo dot or target. This helps to identify problems such as Amblyopia and Strabismus in child patients.