Real Depth Stereo Vision Test

Precision Vision’s Real Depth Stereo Test is a NO GLASSES REQUIRED system.

This all-in-one system includes Three (3) test plates (6mm, 3mm, and 1.5mm) and a display stand, providing a consistent environment for the test and a convenient storage solution.




Precision Vision’s Real Depth Stereo Test Featuring The Patti Pics Star Optotype.

The Real Depth Stereo Test is manufactured by Precision Vision and is designed to function without the need for specialized glasses for simulated depth. This test uses physical depth to measure a patient’s stereo acuity. Three (3) scratch-resistant plates (6mm, 3mm, and 1.5mm) are included. The Real Depth Stereo Test includes a display stand that holds the test plates and provides a uniform white background for testing. The display stand also allows the user to administer the test on a tabletop or be handheld when necessary. The display stand has a front slot that displays the test plates at a 1-inch distance from the high contrast shadow reduction background. The rear slots conveniently holds the other two (2) test plates when not in use

Test Instructions