Lighthouse ETDRS Chart 1

Designed for use in clinical studies and low vision evaluations where accurate, repeatable visual acuity measurements are required.


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Lighthouse ETDRS Chart 1 LH 9144 (2111)

Developed by New York Lighthouse International. Constructed with the same precision, accuracy, and methodology as traditional ETDRS charts.

Lines are of equal difficulty.  Geometric progression in letter size from line to line. Letter size is only variable. Can be wall-mounted.

ETDRS charts use a series of three charts with different permutations of optotypes. ETDRS Chart 1 is used to test the right eye’s acuity. ETDRS Chart 2, and Chart R are used to test the visual acuity in the left eye and both eyes, respectively. The use of three ETDRS eye charts to test the visual acuity of one patient prevents memorization and helps increase accuracy and consistency in results.

Licensed by Vispero and exclusively manufactured by Precision Vision, Inc.