Patti Pics™

This Patti Pics chart is great for use in screenings of preliterate pediatrics. Patti Pics symbols are easily recognizable and are fun for children.


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This Patti Pics eye test is great for school screening situations. With this chart, preliterate children can be screened for not only visual acuity, but for color vision and childhood Amblyopia. This is valuable for school nurses. Patti Pics are also recognizable and hold the attention of children. Patti Pics are calibrated to Sloan standards and are highly effective in testing children.

Patti Pics Vision test is made of high impact polystyrene that is easy to clean and is durable.

The Patti Pics product line is made complete with other tests such as Flip Charts and Peek-a-Boo Patti for Low Contrast acuity and Patti Stripes for detection acuity and preferential looking in young infants and adults with low cognitive ability. Occluders and various fixation tools aid the practitioner in testing monocular vision and responses in infants as early as three months of age.

They Can be wall-mounted.

MassVAT Designed by: Luisa Mayer, Ph.D. and Bruce Moore, O.D.

Two smaller groups 4.8M to 2.4M for repetitive eyesight testing (20/32, 6/9.5 to 20/16, 6/4.8 equiv.).

Patti Pics are stylized pictures designed by Precision Vision on the basis of the 5×5 Snellen grid, and calibrated for equal recognizability against Sloan letters. Visual acuity readings should not change appreciably when children are advanced from Patti Pics to a regular letter chart. This calibration helps to lessen the mistaken loss or gain of lines. Did you Know that if a proportionally spaced chart is too difficult for your patients, try using a chart containing a MassVAT format. Testability using the MassVAT format in young children is high. The rectangular outline surrounding the five optotypes is 50% of the width of the optotype. Thus, it provides adequate contour interaction to detect Amblyopia.