Sloan Distance High Contrast Acuity Folding Chart

  • Sloan
  • 3 Meter (10 Foot) Testing Distance
  • Folding Chart
  • Hand-held or Wall mounted
  • ETDRS Format


Product Variations

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Two smaller groups 7.5M to 1.5M for repetitive testing (20/50, 6/15 to 20/10, 6/3 equiv.).

Can be hand-held or there is a hole in the top to allow for wall mounting.

This folding chart is a combination of many highly calibrated and accurate vision tests. It incorporates traditional Sloan optotypes for testing. This helps to establish a constant and equal acuity object from beginning to end. Also, this test uses a ETDRS format to help maintain the idea of equality during testing. Also, this folding acuity chart features two smaller groups of optotypes for repetitive non memorized testing. This acuity test provides accurate and reliable results.