Near or Intermediate Vision Chart

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  • Near at 40cm Testing Distance
  • Intermediate at a Choice of 66cm, 67cm, or 80cm Testing Distances.
  • All with Cord for easily achieving proper testing distance.
  • Near Vision Testing at 40cm:   8M (20/400) to .20M (20/10)
  • Intermediate Vision Testing at 66cm:  8M (20/250) to .20M (20/6.3)
  • Intermediate Vision Testing at 67cm:  13.4M (20/400) to .34M (20/10)
  • Intermediate Vision Testing at 80cm:  16M (20/400) to .40M (20/10)
  • Manufactured to the 20/16 acuity line

Memorization can alter testing results and create an inaccurate record for the patient. This near vision chart features multiple groups for repetitive testing help minimize memorization. This helps to create a more accurate and reliable vision chart that yields repeatable results.

Each side is different to minimize memorization.

Available optotypes and formats include:

  • Lighthouse Sloan: Standard Near 40cm
  • Sloan ETDRS: Standard Near 40cm, Intermediate 80cm, Intermediate 67cm, Intermediate 66cm, Intermediate 60cm, Near 33cm
  • HOTV: Standard Near 40cm, MassVat
  • Landolt C: Standard Near 40cm
  • Patti Pics: Standard Near 40cm, MassVat
  • PV Numbers: Standard Near 40cm, MassVat

Download Recording Forms for : 2106-66

Can be Customized!  Contact us for additional details.

Combination Chart with Near 40cm and Intermediate 60cm Also Available.

Sloan Scrambled Optotype Version Also Available