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The MNRead Pocket Card is the perfect demonstration tool to confirm selected low vision device magnification levels for individuals of all ages with low vision.– FREE SHIPPING in the Continental USA!


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One of the key innovations of the original MNRead card are the well-designed continuous text paragraphs, which provide fantastic clinical simulations of the typical reading task. This approach helps ensure that clinician-selected magnification devices are appropriate for patient’s everyday reading goals. Our new MNRead Pocket card builds upon the innovations of the original card by including a selectioof highyield elements on reverse surface of card that are transferrable to realworld use of low vision devices focommon visual goals.

The MNRead Pocket Card is the perfect demonstration tool to confirm selected low vision device magnification levels for individuals of all ages with low vision. The matte surface of the card has paragraphs from the original MNRead Charts in a clinically-relevant size range. Specifically, the card contains three octaves of print sizes from 3.2M extra-large print to 0.4M fine-print, which is a standard near visual acuity range of 20/160 down to 20/20 (0.9 to 0.0 LogMAR). This size range was optimized foassessment of reading performance in era of anti-VEGF treatment, where many low vision patients are correctable to 20/100 obetter.

The glossy surface of the card displays a potpourri of full-color objects one would encounter in daily life. Some examples of our carefully calibrated real-world facsimiles include: crisp newspaper columns, faded newspaper text (50% Weber contrast)recipes with fractionsnutritionainformationprescriptionsOTC med instruction labelsgrocery price tagstext message boxes, complex musical scores, rulerscomputer keysremote control buttonsfishing hooks/sewing needlesand more. 

Clinicians purchasing this card can gain improved accuracy in thfinalizatioof magnificatiodevice prescriptions, reducing the number of failed device returns. The ruler at the bottom of the card allows for quick determination of CCTV magnification settings. Patient have the opportunity to appltheir tentative magnification prescriptions to the reverse side othe pocket card to consider realworld avocations and spur voicing of additional visual goals.

The card is designed to be durable for long service life and to conveniently fit in the pocket of most lab coats. Only one version of the card is available since the intent is to have at least two copies in an exam room (one for demonstration and one for reference). Dr. Greg Hopkins was inspired to collaborate with two developers of the original MNRead Charts, Gordon Legge and Steve Mansfield in the creation of this excellent addition to any low vision practitioner’s equipment. 

The MNRead Pocket card is available in English & Spanish and is manufactured and distributed under license by Precision Vision Inc.

(c)2017 Regents of the University of Minnesota.

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