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#Counterfeit#Get Real
March 15, 2022


Say yes to patient safety! Once viewed as a “victimless crime”, counterfeiting is a malicious act fueled by (or motivated ...


February 25, 2020

The Moorfields Acuity Chart (MAC) Set

Two different letter charts (MAC 1 for the right eye and MAC 2 for the left eye).  High-pass filtered letter ...
September 10, 2019

BRVT and IReST Reduced Pricing!

Effective Immediately Reduced Pricing On: The Berkeley Rudimentary Vision Test (BRVT Item #4500) and International Reading Speed Texts (IReST Item ...
May 9, 2019

Protect Yourself from Counterfeit Vision Tests & Devices:

What & Why Is This Happening? Precision Vision, Inc as well as other vision testing manufacturers have recently found companies ...
October 9, 2018

Zhang Ring Test™ for Early Diagnosis of Retinal Detachment

Fuxiang Zhang. MD The Institutional Review Board of Henry Ford Health System approved a clinical trial. Seven retinal detachment cases ...
#Low Contrast
October 4, 2018

SpotChecks™ Contrast Sensitivity

SpotChecks™ Contrast Sensitivity Chart The SpotChecks™ (formally known as CamBlobs™) Contrast Sensitivity Chart was newly designed by Dr. John Robson ...
August 9, 2018

Notice of Counterfeit Pelli-Robson Products. Don’t Be a Victim.

Very recently Precision Vision identified substandard counterfeit Pelli-Robson Contrast Sensitivity Charts™ being sold and used in India.  Precision Vision has ...
#Low Vision
April 10, 2018

Feinbloom Flip-Book Chart

Feinbloom Low Vision Visual Acuity Book   Modified by using PVNumbers® and a logarithmic progression from 20/1000 to 20/20 Uniform rows ...