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March 15, 2022


Say yes to patient safety! Once viewed as a “victimless crime”, counterfeiting is a malicious act fueled by (or motivated ...

Teller Acuity CardsREAL Products You Can Trust.

How do you know if it’s REAL?

This stolen image is being utilized to market the Teller Acuity Cards® as “digitally printed.”  The “gold standard” Teller Acuity Cards® are manufactured exclusively by Precision Vision, Inc.  As the sole manufacturer and master distributor for Teller Acuity Cards® (TAC), Precision Vision, Inc. can confidently state that “digitally printed” tests are not accurate and Teller Acuity Cards® being solicited in this manner are counterfeit. 
The extensive evidence gathered in the development and use provide a strong foundation for TAC application in ophthalmology, optometry, and developmental practice.  Precision Vision, Inc. undertook many years of dedicated work refining the tools and techniques necessary to make this demanding and prestigious test. Precision Vision is continually investigating new methods and materials to produce the quality test which is in use today. 
Teller Acuity Cards®
can only be purchased directly from Precision Vision, or through approved worldwide distribution channels.

Want to learn what ‘REAL’ means to Precision Vision? 

  • REAL products are backed by years of reliable research and numerous publications.
  • REAL distributors of authentic products operate with integrity and are aligned with good companies.
  • REAL manufacturers are trusted, licensed, have years of proven performance and contribution to the industries they serve.

The chart above is one of many examples of counterfeits in your industry. To see additional examples and to read the rest of the REAL story, Click Here.

Your patients, practice, and your research deserve better!

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Teller Acuity Cards® is a U.S. registered trademark of the University of Washington and used under license to Precision Vision, Inc.