Replacement lamp (for 2425 ETDRS Cabinet)

Replacement Lamp for Cat. No. 2425 ETDRS Illuminator Cabinet.

Please review your cabinet label for the correct bulb choice.
Click Here for Easy Instructions for Choosing The Right Bulb

Reviewed the instructions and still not sure which bulb you need? That is okay, we are here to serve!! Take a photo of your cabinet label and email it to us at: [email protected] or Call us at 815-223-2022.

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Replacement Lamp for Cat. No. 2425 ETDRS Illuminator Cabinet

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Replacement Lamps provide florescent lighting which incorporates high efficiency and longer life. It is recommended that lamps be replaced annually.

Each Illuminator Cabinet requires (2) two lamps.  It is recommended that both lamps be replaced at the same time. To ensure proper Illumination & Uniformity: Only Order OEM Replacement Parts from Precision Vision, Inc.

Cabinets manufactured before November 2008 have a removable fenestrated sleeve that is placed over the lamp. Replacement lamps for those cabinets are Catalog No. 2427.  Please contact us directly for this replacement lamp.