OPTISHIELD Silicone Optical Occluder

The Optishield offers a flexible hands-free alternative when conducting visual assessments. Made of soft medical-grade silicone, this simple device fits neatly onto the spectacle lens allowing good coverage. A great alternative to occluder paddles, resulting in an examination more comfortable for both clinician and patient.

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A formative usability study recently completed by the Medical Devices Technical Evaluation Centre found a very high level of acceptance among optometrists.

The study identified a 100% completion success rate, with the highly experienced participants perceiving the device as a helpful aid to enable hands-free working, resulting in a direct positive impact on their usual clinical practice.

The Optishield also offers a flexible alternative where temporary partial occlusion for a clinically prescribed period has been recommended by an eye care specialist, for example, patients suffering from intractable diplopia (double vision).

The Optishield is lightweight and easy to mount on most spectacle frame sizes and will sit neatly into a lens box in consulting rooms in between use.

The Optishield has the following advantages:

  • Hands-free visual assessments
  • Long-lasting silicone material
  • Sits neatly into a lens box in the consulting room between use
  • Soft and flexible, won’t scratch expensive lenses
  • Hygienic: can be washed and dried
  • Suitable for a range of spectacle frames
  • No pressure on the eye, with good air circulation

CE compliant

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