Spielmann Translucent Occluder

Our most popular occluder with pupil gauge on the side of the handle.




Our most popular occluder.

Measures 20.3 x 5.75 cm (8 x 2.25 in.)

Metric and US rulers on the side of handle.

Pupil gauge on the side of handle.

Can be cleaned with alcohol and any non-solvent based sanitizer.

Made in the USA.

Unlike many other eye occluders, this occluder is translucent and allows for better diagnosis of exams. The unique coating on both sides effectively prevents the patient from seeing through, yet allows the doctor to observe eye movements clearly. View both eyes while testing instead of only one, helps to expand the information gathered during general clinical exams. This translucent occluder is also very durable and can be cleaned for multiple exams.