Lang Stereo Test II

Lang Stereo Vision Tests – Easier to use than traditional Stereo / Binocular Vision tests – No Glasses Required.



Lang Stereotest for Vision Screening Exams

The Lang Stereo Test is an easy-to-use screening test designed for early detection of problems with stereoscopic vision in children and adults without the need for dissociating glasses.

It is suitable for children as young as 30 months by identifying pictures on a card. The test is simple, quick to use, and fun for the child.

Each card shows three objects to be recognized, which assess three different levels of stereo acuity. There are two versions of the test. The Lang Stereo Test 2 contains a star in addition that can be seen with only one eye.

  • LANG 2 (elephant, car, moon) measures from 600 to 200 seconds of arc.

This simple test is designed for stereopsis screening in children based on two principles, random dots, and cylinder gratings.

  • Schools worldwide are utilizing the Lang Stereotest for vision screenings.
  • Pediatricians use it for vision screening exams.
  • In binocular vision, stereoscopic shapes are recognized