Patti Pics Double Sided Split MassVat Near Vision Eye Test Chart

2 sided eye test chart for testing at 3 Meter (10 Feet)
Features MassVAT format on one side.
Can be wall mounted.


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2 sided eye test chart.

Features MassVAT format on one side.

Can be wall mounted.

Notations for vision testing at 10ft (top portion) and 16in. (bottom portion)
Visual acuity range 10/50 to 10/8 (top) 20/200 to 20/16 (bottom)
Includes multiple groups for repetitive testing

MassVAT format by: Luisa Mayer, P.h.D and Bruce Moore, O.D.
Notations for vision testing at 10 ft. (top portion) and 16 in. (bottom portion)
Visual acuity range 10/32 to 10/8 (top portion) 20/100 to 20/16 (bottom portion)

Patti Pics optotypes are easily recognizable and highly calibrated. The symbols adhere to the Snellen 5×5 grid and Sloan optotype formats. Each optotype is equal in difficulty and threshold blur to the others. This chart also features MassVat interaction bars help the child focus on each line. It is great for early detection of Amblyopia and is practical for use on young preliterate children and mentally challenged patients. Repetitive eye testing groups help to minimize memorization while testing and yield more accurate and repeatable results.