HOTV MassVAT 3 Meter Screening Test 50% Spacing

  • 3 Meter Testing
  • HOTV Optotypes in MassVAT Format
  • Can be Hand-held or Wall-mounted
  • Folding for easy transporting
  • Includes HOTV Response Key Kit


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This HOTV MassVAT Folding Chart is meant for 3 Meter Screening Tests.    It can be hand-held or wall-mounted. It folds in half making it very convenient to transport.

Designed by Luisa Mayer, Ph.D. and Bruce Moore, O.D.

This HOTV chart uses a 50% spacing for the MassVat design.  Each line is 50% the size of the optotypes it surrounds. By using this calibrated spacing, true contour interaction can occur. This helps the patient while testing and provides more accurate results.   The lines help to detect early signs of Amblyopia.

Included are the HOTV Response Key Kit (SKU 2011-12) which provides nonverbal and shy patients the opportunity to respond by pointing or matching.  Response keys are great for use in pediatric testing to add more control to pediatric vision testing. Not only can they be used to teach the patient the optotypes before testing, but they can be used as a matching response system while testing. This helps the patient feel safer while answering and promotes better visual acuity records. Response keys make answers for the patient easier. Even nonverbal or shy patients respond easier with the use of the key. The patient must simply point to the optotype on the card that they see on the test chart. Response keys are made of rigid plastic and are easily cleaned after each use for sanitation and longer product life.

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