Tumbling “E” 4 Meter ETDRS Folding Chart

  • 4 Meter Testing
  • Tumbling E Optotypes in ETDRS Format
  • Can be Hand-held or Wall-mounted
  • Folding for easy transporting
  • Three Iterations (Standard, Scrambled A, & Scrambled B)  Available to reduce memorization when repeatedly testing and when testing left and right eyes


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This Tumbling “E” ETDRS Folding Chart is meant for 4 Meter Testing and can be hand-held or wall-mounted. It folds in half making it very convenient to transport.

There are three iterations (Standard, Scrambled A, and Scrambled B) available which may be used to reduce memorization when repeatedly testing and/or to reduce memorization when testing OD, OS, and OU (Oculus Dexter, Oculus Sinister and Oculus Uterque).

Developed in 1976, Tumbling E charts were intended for testing illiterate patients and those not familiar with the Roman Alphabet. The Tumbling E vision tests are considered highly useful for testing foveal vision and has a high visual acuity threshold. The construction of the letter E is similar and gives the effect of gratings. The Tumbling E chart is also useful for detecting signs of Astigmatism.

Constructed with the same precision, accuracy, and methodology as traditional ETDRS charts.  Lines are of equal difficulty. Geometric progression in letter size from line to line. Letter size is only variable.

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