Glare source

This glare source with halogen lamps controls brightness


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This glare source with halogen lamps controls brightness for vision testing, and retrofits all of our ETDRS Illuminator cabinets.  Bulbs are positioned on each side of the cabinet and illumination can be controlled by remote control.


  • Halogen Lamps
  • Retrostat controlled for any brightness.
  • Retrofits all ETDRS Illuminator cabinets
  • Remote control included
  • Cat. No. 2425 Illuminator Cabinet not included


Glare testing is useful for simulating situations present in everyday life. Testing is also useful for contact lens evaluations, post surgery (LASIK, PRK) evaluations, and vision diagnosis. Glare problems may not be noticeable in routine eye exams, but may cause problems in everyday life situations. Glare testing can detect signs of diseases, such as cataracts, before conventional testing can. This early detection can lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment.