Zhang Ring Test™

Avoid lawsuit for potential future blinding retinal detachment!

The Zhang Ring Test™ consists of a ring system that at-home patients and emergency medicine can use for early detection of possible retinal detachment.

Each SKU 9103 consists of a Pad of 50 tests with instructions printed directly on the test.

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SKU: 9103


  • The Zhang Ring Test™ was designed by Dr. Fuxiang Zhang, MD in conjunction with the Henry Ford Health System as very effective tool for patient self-detection and emergency medicine providers for a screening test to promote early diagnosis of retinal detachment.
  • Clinical Trial Approved by The Institutional Review Board of Henry Ford Health System may be read here

“When we look at the clinical categories of diag­nostic error, retina claims far exceed all other types in both number and percentage,” said Dr. Menke, Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Company (OMIC) patient safety manager, who is based in San Francisco. “And by far, the most frequently missed diagnosis in our entire study was RD—nothing else came close.” Read more from the Academy of Ophthalmology article here.

Retinal detachment (RD) is a potentially devastating blinding disease and the prognosis is mainly determined by how soon it is diagnosed and managed surgically. There is a need to have surveillance in high-risk patients. A home used device to monitor retinal detachment is helpful as Ocular emergency cases are quite common with floaters, flashes of light, with or without peripheral vision or central vision decrease, however The Zhang Ring Test™ provides an easy to use screening test in emergency medicine, urgent care, patient home and other settings in this regard. Each SKU 9103 consists of a Pad of 50 tests with instructions printed directly on the test.

“I showed this product in the Cutting Edge Symposium at the 2018 annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. It was included because ophthalmologists give Amsler Grids to patients with macular disease for home testing, so it makes sense to offer the Zhang Ring Test to patients with increased risk for retinal detachment.”- Robert H. Osher, M.D


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